Roller Blinds From Affordable Blinds

Roller Blinds from Affordable Blinds are a simple and fashionable way to cover windows.

They are suitable for homes and offices alike.  You can choose from a variety of finishes. The straight finish blind, which is sleek and modern or you can add flair to your blinds by going for the more traditional scallop or pole finish with decorative shapes, trims and pull cords

You can select from our wide range of fabrics and textures to complement your interior furnishings.

They can be plain, pattern, black-out, sunscreen or woven fabric, produced from a wide variety of materials like cotton, polyester and linen etc.. For your privacy needs, you can opt for a translucent or opaque fabric.

Also available are fabrics which are energy saving, flame retardant, blackout backing and solar protection.

The possibilities are endless 

Whether it is for privacy or decoration?  If you establish what it is you require from the blind, then it makes the choice of fabrics and finishes so much easier.


If it is privacy you require, then looking at block out fabrics is pointless as during the day these blinds will not allow in enough light when pulled to operate in the room, thus requiring the use of artificial light.

There is little point at looking at the natural open weave fabrics if you are looking for black out blinds.

Equally most waterproof blinds can not offer a light filtering effect as they are made from P.V.C. and as such are block out fabrics.

All Affordable Blinds roller blinds can be operated by motorised,spring or chain, but remember when using the chain method always use with a child safety devise to avoid the possibility of strangulation by young children.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

  • Inexpensive and affordable solution for attractively covering windows.
  • Magnify sunlight and eliminate glare that will fade fabric on furniture and carpets.
  • Roller blinds come in a huge variety of sizes, so they will fit most windows.
  • They can help reduce energy consumption by blocking the heat, thus maintains a more constant temperature.
  • Roller blinds are easy to keep free from dust, thus help in retaining the hygiene of the room.
  • For bathrooms and kitchens, roller blinds can be made from P.V.C. fabric which is completely waterproof, doesn’t spoil from mildew or recurrent splashes and wipe clean


Remember the choice is yours but we are here to help you with unbiased and honest advice on what will work in you situation.

BlocOut Casette blinds From Affordable Blinds

BlocOut is a brand new, highly innovative roller blind system. It combines an aluminium cassette and precision engineered side rails to create a blind that can BlocOut light and draughts.

This in turn provides significant savings on home heating costs and when combined with the right fabrics, can bring a space complete and total darkness.

These possibilities bring this range of blinds an added functionality that is just not possible to achieve with any other blind currently on the market.

BlocOut is the first blind to have been independently thermally tested by the BBA and has been proven to save at least 25% on average heating costs

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